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Porca Miseria!

Europe, Germany, Munich

Second floor: Gallery of Craft and Design

115 cm

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Gallery object label

Porca Miseria! chandelier
Designed by Ingo Maurer 2004
Manufactured by Ingo Maurer GmbH
Welded stainless steel framework with porcelain and stainless steel cutlery

Ingo Maurer made the first version of this chandelier
for the Milan Furniture Fair of 1994.
Visitors exclaimed "Porca Miseria!" on seeing it,
Italian for "What bad luck!" or "Oh blast!"
inspiring Maurer's wry name for his creation.

Slow-motion films of explosions inspire the light's form.
A steel framework is made to support halogen bulbs,
then tableware is broken and glued to steel spokes
and arranged around the light source.
Just ten Porca Miseria! chandeliers are made a year:
each is unique due to the chance element of breakage.

Purchased by the Contemporary Art Society with funds from the
Arts Council Lottery Fund, the Corporate Patrons of Manchester City Galleries
and the Crafts Council M20116