Where The Wild Things Live

pupils in a gallery workshoppupils in a gallery workshoppupils learning about the collectionspupils in a gallery workshop

Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, pupils embark on mini adventures around the gallery. They explore artworks to discover real and imaginary animals and then create their own fantastical puppet creatures.

Aims (Skills, Knowledge, Activity, Result)

  • To develop pupils’ creative response through art, literature, movement and poetry.
  • To encourage pupils’ imaginations.
  • To use paintings and sculptures to explore colour, texture, shape.
  • To stimulate pupils to create their own Wild Thing puppet.

What happens in a workshop

Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”, is read to the children and the opposing concepts of wild and tame, imagination and reality are discussed. In the gallery, we look at paintings and sculptures of ‘Wild Things’ and collect and draw ideas for puppets. In the studio, the pupils then have the opportunity to use the Interactive Whiteboard to further explore and develop ideas for their puppets using images created by Jim Medway.

Pupils then create their own ‘Wild Thing’ puppets using a variety of resources and use their puppets to act out the poem “Let’s Make a Rumpus”, joining in with actions, sounds and words.

Prepare for your visit

  • If possible, children should be able to name animal body parts and understand the difference between wild and tame, and between real and imaginary, before their visit to the art gallery.
  • Find out how to plan your visit, including booking information, parking, facilities and a downloadable risk assessment.

What people are saying about the workshop 

"Your passion and enthusiasm really inspired us and the programme you put together is superb.”

Jo Probert, Gallery Educator

How to book

Young children in workshop
Find out how to plan your visit.